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Pivot Your Practice™: Self-Study Coaching Program & Passive Income Course

This Course is 
exclusively for Therapists, Practioners, Healers and Other's in the Helping Industry to  Create Your Coaching Program to use LIVE or as a passive income course.



First, so thrilled you are here! The coaching and online learning business has blown up over the last few years....and you are in the right place to jump in now!

By the end of this Live Self-Study Program, you will have an irresistible program, a marketing plan to support it, a system to enroll and take care of clients without adding more time to your schedule and will feel like a rock star by busting through limiting mindset stuff.  

  1. Have you been thinking about coaching?
  2. Do you want to go full time?
  3. Part time?
  4. Feel a calling to be more creative when helping people?
  5. What about a coaching program that is either a live group, elite private coaching....or a digital one that runs in your sleep?
  6. Tired of all the regulations, charting and well...you know...all the things that brought you here to this page!

Helpers, healers, therapists and others who care about people....

 make the best coaches. We have the skills to ask, listen and support.

What we do is important, yet we are paid less than are equally educated peers. And....we have a high rate of burnout. 

Maybe that's why you are here. 

A time freedom life seems to be calling your name.

  1. Done with the dollar-per-hour model?
  2. Tired of not make the same money as the new people in your industry...even with all your experience?
  3. Excited about passive income? 
  • As a former LCSW therapist myself this program was designed exclusively for you.

    Other programs don't get us.

    Believe me, I've spent years looking for a coach who doesn't minimize my education and experience.

    Often, they want a cookie cutter approach, even though we may have similar degrees, there is a vast difference in jobs & positions inside the mental health field. 

    I've worked with million dollar + & 65K practice owners, home health & social workers, clinicians who have worked in prisons and more...we aren't the same as someone who just decided last week they want to build a coaching biz!

    Your clinical skills are worth more.

    Your clinical skills set you apart. 

    With 10 years of business success, 23K+ people I've helped.

  • This is a proven fast-track method used by hundreds of therapists who add coaching either full or part time.

    Overthinking is costing you time. 

    Get paid for your KNOWLEDGE not by the hour.

    Pivoting is about speed.

    If you've been dragging your feet because you are looking for a System here it is. 


Lesson One: Create Your Coaching Program.  Get it out of your head already! 
How do I create an offer that's not like therapy?
The One & Done Formula™ use this proven formula to weave together your wealth of knowledge, education, wisdom and personal experiences out of your head and onto paper.  
The secret way to name your Program/Method so clients say yes, no chasing involved.
Eliminate fear of offering the wrong thing. 
Be clear of the difference: Examples of coaching processes, exercises and what's similar to theraputic modalities.

Lesson Two: Leverage Your Program: How to save time, make more while making a difference.

How can I make more money & help more people with ONE irresistible Program/Method?

Multiple income streams can come from one irresistible offer and this is how you eliminate working all the time.

Understand the exact process to Maximize Your Method™ so you can create a 1:1 program, a group and a digital  program. 

Timelines for when to implement the Ascension Model so you can continue to support clients and make money.

Lesson Three: Profitable Pricing Strategy: No guessing what to price it. 

How do I put a dollar figure value on this irresistible program so clients say YES?

Price it for the “I want it NOW” client.

Eliminate all the confusion about fee structures and pricing using the Profitable Pricing Strategy.

Price your program so you have a plan for scaling, understand conversions and predicating income. 

No more guessing.

Lesson Four: Online Client Attraction: How to use social media for business without being spammy.

Where are the really good clients Online? 

Quickly & easily locate potential clients online without spending your days there...or dancing and pointing.

Develop your 90-day online Content & Connection strategy without a single thought of being overwhelmed.

Create your Irresistible "I Want It" Freebie that will have your potential clients signing up to be on your email list so you can nurture them to say YES.

Lesson Five: Offline Client Attraction: Have the skill to know what to say when you are out in the real world.

Where are the really good clients offline?

Use your Authority as a mental health and wellness professional to make connections offline.

Develop your offline/inperson strategy so you can be in charge of your time & calendar and save time.

Know exactly what to say when people ask, "tell me what you dot." OR "why are you a coach now?"

Perfect for you if you never want to be on social media or want to learn more than one way to meet clients.

Lesson Six: The Art of The Ask: Love enrollment calls

How do I have sales call that won't sound pushy?

Use this proven CTD template & framework to have a real conversation with your potential clients.

Calls are for deciding if your program is right for them. Support potential clients by asking the right quesions, a skill you possess right now.

How to evaluate each call to improve your conversions and hit 80% enrollment.

Lesson Seven: Design The #1 Most Important System in Your Business: Your time matters...use this

Whether it's 1:1 high-ticket private coaching, a group or an online course, let's make sure it's easy for YOU and your clients are happy. This process is critical for future business. 

Get more time in your life, control over your calendar, and decreased burnout comes from the simplicity of your systems. 

Utilize the 5 Step Welcome & Client Onboarding process to make sure your clients feel solid in their decision to say yes to you, automate your Welcome.

The simplest way to deliver your program using these 2 FREE places to store all of your coaching content and assets so your “I don’t like tech” will no longer be an excuse.

Lesson Eight:Take Back Control of Your Fear of Doing Something NEW.

What do you do when this happens? “Oh shit, I think I’m overthinking?”

Your fears are no longer allowed to run the show.

You have a calling to do something different using all your talents, fear can hold you back. 

How to eliminate self-sabotage as you navigate your upleveled identity as a Business Owner who may be charging more than you may have ever charged, handling the fear of judgment, and be in CHARGE. 

BONUSES! Guaranteed to save you countless hours!

  1. Deep Dive into Target Marketing & Niche: is it true that the riches are in the niches? Are you overwhelmed with what niche to choose?  (197.00 value)
  2. 40+ PREVIOUS LIVE COACH CALLS  Listen in to your peers getting coached in the Make Money Coaching Program (97.00 value)
  3. TEMPLATE TOOLBOX: Filled with templates, scripts, agreement examples, emails, terms and conditions, (this is priceless! though available as a stand-alone product for 397.00 value)

Total BONUSES VALUE: $700.00



 {All your bonuses are available immediately upon joining}

  • Your lessons will open up every 7 days so you can follow along to build as you go. No more waiting. 

    Immediate access upon joining to pre-work lessons, 6 months access.

    No refunds due to immediate access to content


What Your Peers Are Saying:

"I have a thriving practice and have added an additional $57,000 above my normal range. That's just year ONE. Can't wait to see the other revenue streams I'm going to create. Thank you, Mary" - Kerri

Kerri, Private Practice Owner & LCSW

Awaiting payment on coaching client who is signing up for a second package with me…. Sent invoice tonight. Also looking at revenues from backing off insurance and moving to private pay fees for therapy clients. 65% increase in revenue from this time last year! Mind blown again!! Thanks Mary!!!

Jennifer, Private Practice Owner, Coach & LCSW

I just wanted to give everyone an update. Mary, you and your program have changed so much for me! When I started the program, I was making $54K per year. So this year, I will be achieving my goal to make $100K or more. Something else happened since starting the program. I was mapping out goals and dreams but it was hard to see doing them alone. I don't have a life mate (nor do I want one, currently), and exploring the world alone seems rather empty. At my core, I just wanted to be where my 2 daughters and my 2 grandchildren are. So "out of nowhere" since working to define my goals (or, things falling into place as they should), my daughter suggested a very tangible goal of getting a duplex together, with her and her significant other and my grandchildren living on one side, and me living on the other.

Jennifer, LCSW

Soooo...a thing happened. I just sold my first coaching program to an ideal client!!!!

Angelica, Relationship Coach &. LPC