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Not only will you save time, but money by not hiring a copywriter.

Most will have in your hand dozens of templates here is a sampling:

  • Coaching Agreements: Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, 90-day Agreement, 6-Month Agreement
  • Coaching Menu of Services
  • Language for Agreements to Clarify Therapy Vs. Coaching
  • Email Templates: nurture sequences, challenge reminders, email subject lines
  • Podcast Pitch Template
  • Open For Coaching Business Email Templates to For New & Previous Clients
  • Client Welcome Workbook
  • Privacy Policy
  • Invoice Templates
  • VIP Day Outline for Client Day
  • Coaching Questions Examples
  • Master Marketing Email Sequence





FAQ: how can I use these documents? These are examples and sample of various business development documents and are to be used solely as reference. The agreements found within are actual agreements that have been utilized for legally binding contractual engagement with clients. However, these documents are a perfect time saving beginning for you to utilize and are not intended to be used for legal purposes. Please review with your legal experts in your locale and business.