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How to Make Money Speaking Offer

My very first talk was on 10/2015.

There were 12 women in the audience and it was my FIRST 10k day!

Live speaking gigs, podcast guesting and other media tool kit guide.

Are you ready to get out from behind your computer and speak in front of an audience of your ideal client?


There are thousands of opportunities for you to speak, every single day, no matter how big or small your town is.

In this recorded workshop:

  • Complete your Signature Client Attraction Talk
  • You will have all the assets to make as your own, templates, guides for hand-outs for the audience 
  • Create your Talk One Sheet.  You can use this to get booked for live speaking gigs AND for getting booked as a guest on podcasts. 
  • Use this exact Talk Outline & Structure for a LIVE stream/Masterclass or Webinar
  • You will have a directory of HUNDREDS of speaking opportunities
  • Use the booking script to get booked, Mary has used this exact wording to get booked and earn 100s of thousands of dollars
  • Listen to the audio recording or walk through the 3-hour workshop and BUILD AS YOU GO. 



How can I use my knowledge to get clients?

Using this course, you will have the exact system to get booked for live events and stages along with how to use the same assets for podcasts.

If this is for speaking LIVE how is this relatable to webinars and masterclasses?

Simple. The process is this: there is a way to sell while giving a presentation so it's not salesy. This is a timeless marketing method. It's easy to use your talk and then simply use that same talk for a live stream or use that talk and build out your webinar slides if you use them. 
In fact, if you use slides during your LIVE talk, they can be the EXACT same slides for a webinar. 

How long do I have access?

To support you in getting it done and not just sitting on your computer shelf you have 6 full months from the date of purchase.

Immediate access. No refunds due to digital downloads.

Template Tool Box

INSANE value. Why?

Because once you see what's in here, you're going to want to work with me!

This is the time save you've been looking for.

Not only will you save time, but money by not hiring a copywriter.

Most will have in your hand dozens of templates here is a sampling:

  • Coaching Agreements: Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, 90-day Agreement, 6-Month Agreement
  • Coaching Menu of Services
  • Language for Agreements to Clarify Therapy Vs. Coaching
  • Email Templates: nurture sequences, challenge reminders, email subject lines
  • Podcast Pitch Template
  • Open For Coaching Business Email Templates to For New & Previous Clients
  • Client Welcome Workbook
  • Privacy Policy
  • Invoice Templates
  • VIP Day Outline for Client Day
  • Coaching Questions Examples
  • Master Marketing Email Sequence





FAQ: how can I use these documents? These are examples and sample of various business development documents and are to be used solely as reference. The agreements found within are actual agreements that have been utilized for legally binding contractual engagement with clients. However, these documents are a perfect time saving beginning for you to utilize and are not intended to be used for legal purposes. Please review with your legal experts in your locale and business.